I Help Good People Solve Their Debt Problems

Bankruptcy benefits societyBankruptcy benefits society in so many ways.

The purpose of bankruptcy is to provide the debtor with a fresh start in life. It cleans the slate and puts them back in the position of being in command of their finances.

Unfortunately, many people fail to see that bankruptcy is not only in the debtor’s best interest; it’s in everyone’s best interest.

Society at large receives no benefit from keeping people who have gone through financial collapse down with no chance of recovery or redemption. That is why all modern countries have enacted bankruptcy laws. It is only the struggling third world countries which don’t have bankruptcy laws.

Without bankruptcy laws people who have suffered financial collapse would have no chance of coming back and being an active part of a modern society. They would be forced to live in near poverty with no hope.

Without bankruptcy protections we would have far fewer risk-taking entrepreneurs whose successes create jobs, build stable neighborhoods surrounding better schools turning out bright graduates eager to become the risk-taking entrepreneurs of the future.

Without bankruptcy, we’d have fewer dreamers. There would be zero second chances. Going broke would be a dead end.

Bankruptcy gives everyone a right to try and fail, and then get a second chance.

Remember, you have a right to fail, and try again. Bankruptcy doesn’t have to be the end, you are able to come back and be successful.

Bankruptcy benefits society.

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